Why is iConsult unique?

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Why have a bespoke iPad App?

When designing the latest version of iConsult, we took all the lessons from the original system and applied them. You wanted a fast system, and the only way to achieve this was to build a bespoke iOS App. Our competitors have all chosen to use older, cheaper and slower technologies - iConsult is the ONLY system with a true iOS App.


Rebuilding the system was a brave move, as we had competitors launching and it could have lost us customers, but we thought it was worth the risk, as the system we built is way more advanced than our competition and as it turned out, we had a far more loyal customer base than we thought.


The concept was very well received, in fact iConsult was a finalist in the Most Innovative Treatment or Service Category for the 2013 MyFaceMyBody Awards – the only client management system to attain this honour.

Why have you not got an Android version?

Simply, the demand isn’t there. Over 90% of practitioner who use tablets use iPads.

Is iConsult safe and secure?

iConsult uses market leading technology to ensure that your data is safe, and iConsult is fully PCI compliant. Cloud technology is the future, but at present we use dedicated UK based servers with multiple backups.


No system is 100% secure, and in the last 12 months both Apple and Sony have been hacked, which is why iConsult is fully insured against unauthorised access, and indemnified, so you are fully protected in the unlikely event of a breach.

Is iConsult compliant with the Data Protection Act?

We engaged closely with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) during the design of iConsult. We wanted to make sure that create best practice, and that is what we have done. iConsult follows the principle of "Privacy by Design"


Privacy by design is an approach whereby privacy and data protection compliance is designed into systems holding information right from the start, rather than being bolted on afterwards or ignored, as has too often been the case


Our innovative and forward thinking approach sets a new standard in data protection in the medical aesthetics industry, and enables you to safely share treatment records with your clients

How much does iConsult cost to purchase?

iConsult is a totally scalable solution. This allows you to pay only for what you use. We have introduced iConsult Essentials, a totally FREE system that allows you to register your clinics, injectors and clients at no cost, with charges only applying when you use the consultation tool. This system has been proven to increase client up-sell – delivering a significant return on your investment. For more information see our pricing plans.

Who can use iConsult?

Client safety is extremely important to us, and we strongly believe that a transparent process enhances the trust between client and practitioner. That is why iConsult is the only system that has been designed to actively record the qualification of the individual being registered on the system. This provides the client with additional safeguards against being treated by unqualified practitioners.

Is iConsult suitable for small businesses too?

Yes. It’s designed so you can pay for what you use, and you add as many or as few practitioners as you wish, for a wide range of treatments. iConsult is the perfect solution for businesses of any size.

Why should choose iConsult over another system?

iConsult Software Ltd is committed to innovation, and we have extensive experience in the Medical Aesthetics Industry. Our system is designed specifically and uniquely for the needs of aesthetic clinics, injectors and your clients – and is the only system that adds values to all three.

Unlike other systems, iConsult enables you to do much more than simply record data – we help you to greatly improve your clients’ experiences and increase your revenue. We’re also the only system that enables collaboration, allowing you to work with front of house staff to welcome clients, and other practitioners providing treatments to your client.

Why should I choose iConsult over a cheaper product?

Not only will you benefit from a more superior product now, but you’ll save money in the long run. Technology is advancing quickly, and iConsult has been build with cutting edge features, but also with an eye on the future. Choosing a cheaper provider in your early stages will almost certainly mean moving to a more sophisticated solution eventually, and any initial saving would be offset by the cost and upheaval of having to change systems at a time when your business is growing rapidly.


By choosing iConsult, not only are you showing your clients that you’re committed to them, you’re also making a statement to your competition.

Are you interested in my feedback on the iConsult system?

Absolutely! Our motto is that "Feedback, positive or negative, is a gift". Our MD, Richard Crawford-Small takes this very seriously and is always open to discussing new ideas to develop our systems, from both existing and potential clients. If you want a feature or a specific element of functionality, please let us know – there's a good chance that others will also. You can contact Richard directly, via our contact us page or through our LinkedIn Group.

If I’m using iConsult on a pay per use basis, do I need my own account?

Yes, there’s lots of great functionality within iConsult that depends on having one account per user. It also helps increase security.

Can I use iConsult on multiple devices?

Yes, each one of your users can log onto iConsult on multiple devices.

Do all of my users have to be on the same plan?

No, you can put your users on the plan that is best for their individual needs. If any of your users will be performing over 50 treatments a month, you may want to consider one of our subscription plans for them.

Can I change plans once I sign up?

Yes, you can change plans whenever you wish. If one of your users becomes more busy, you may want to upgrade them from OnDemand to a Monthly or Annual subscription. You can see the different options here. If someone doesn’t need to use iConsult on their mobile device, but needs access to the iConsult website to edit, access our data, and manage our account, do I need to pay for them?


No, if they never log into iConsult on a mobile device and perform a consultation, they will never be charged. But they can use the iConsult website whenever they need to.

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