iConsult grows your business

Follow the proven principles of

How iConsult works


The illustration above demonstrates how iConsult can provide the following and help make the purchase and management of medical aesthetic treatment safe and simple.

• Create clear and concise treatment planning
• Increase your average client spend
• Ensure your brand and clinic messages are consistent
• Develop a consistent approach to cross selling
• Improve the experience of your customers
• Increase your client retention
• Benefit from a smooth transition process
• Maximise the revenue generated from each client
• Enhance clinical efficiency
• Maximise cross selling opportunities

Meeting your clients’ needs at every stage

iConsult is designed to offer you the ultimate business opportunities and service at every stage of your clients’ journey.


From the moment they consider aesthetic treatment, to the time they’re showing off the results of your work to their friends, your clients go through a 5 stage process. And iConsult has been designed to help you maximise each one:

“Upsold a client from one


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