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Key Features:

Go paperless for FREE with iConsult Essentials!

iConsult Essentials is your business in a box, and we have made it as easy as possible for smaller practices to have a system that records client details and enables you to manage your business more smoothly and offer a more professional client experience.

And yes, iConsult Essentials is completely free of charge!

Seamless Collaboration for Mobile HCP’s

Mobile and working in many clinics? With iConsult

You can take control and create your own “mini teams” by giving clinics front of house staff access to your diary, let them make bookings for you and welcome your clients.

Manage your finances from one place

Too busy to generate paperwork? Let iConsult take the strain by generating invoices for your customers, and use PayPal Here to process card payments, all on the iPad!

Easily record the key details and medical history of your clients

If you travel around to visit different premises, it can be a pain having to carry all of those client records, and you also have the risk of losing them. If your in a premises, think of all the extra space you’ll have without those filing cabinets! Easily record the of your clients.

UK Secure data storage servers.

Protecting your data is of paramount importance to us. That is why we use servers based in the UK to keep all of your data secured 24/7. You can view our full privacy policy here. So there is no need to worry — you can trust your data is safe with us.




OnDemand - maximise client retention

If you need a system that offers the benefits of iConsult Essentials, with the ability to use our more advanced features as and when you need them, iConsult OnDemand gives you this ideal flexibility.

In addition to the benefits of iConsult Essentials, for only 99p per consultation* you can;

Maximise effectiveness and drive cross sell.

Wondering how you can drive your business to the next level?

iConsult has a market leading suite of cutting edge tools to help you provide an exceptional client experience and turn that client into a business driving evangelist, for the price of a cup of coffee.

Create bespoke treatment plans for your clients

Customer satisfaction is the key to business success, so iConsult enables you to easily create and record treatment plans, that will engage and convert your client and maximise their value.

Record all the data to keep you and your client safe

Insurers have told us that the main reason they settle a complaint isn’t because of liability; its because of incomplete paperwork. iConsult collates full and comprehensive documentation that can be retrieved instantly in the event of a client query, and exceeds the levels recommended in the Keogh Report.

Record multiple images, allow you to really focus on key areas

A successful outcome begins with a full and comprehensive consultation. Iconsult allows you to take six high quality images from the iPad for each consultation, enabling you to take close ups, shots from different angles and really help your client to see what is possible! For the ultra organised, you can even import images from other sources!

Effortlessly record all of your clients notes and key information

The iConsult process actively supports continual notation and the recording of key information. You can dictate directly into the iPad*, or use the onscreen keyboard.

Add bespoke Consent Forms and Aftercare Documents

We understand that all businesses are different, and all HCP’s have differing priorities, so we have implemented a feature that allows you to create and edit your own consent forms and aftercare documentation.

Seamless Collaboration between Staff & HCP

We have experience in many different businesses and sectors, and once thing remains true in all; It’s all about teamwork.

Powerful back end reporting suite giving you all the data your business needs

Data is like Gold; the more you have, the richer you are. iConsult provides you with reports on Product Usage, your teams Productivity, Business Finances and your Client demographics. With this valuable commodity, you can make better informed choices on your business goals and direction.

Transparency and trust between you and your clients

Transparency is at the heart of iConsultAesthetic, and underlines our pioneering approach, as iConsultAesthetic is not just a system, but a new way of working, a community built on Accountability, Integrity, Transparency, Compliance and Safety.


We have created a Client Portal, where the “iConsulted” can view some notes, medical history, before and after images and products used. This level of client access is rare in healthcare, as the ecosystems do not exist, and is truly unrivalled anywhere in this industry, and marks the practitioners who use iConsult as true pioneers.

Professional - get the competitive edge

If you’re a busy practice that would prefer the peace of mind of an all-inclusive subscription package, choose iConsult Premium, our most comprehensive plan.

• Helps you to manage your business finance

• Seamless collaboration for clinics with multiple treatment providers

“iConsult is a truly revolutionary

Dr Raj Acquilla

iConsult will help your business by:

• Increasing your average client spend

• Improving your client retention

• Enhancing your business efficiency

iConsult will help you as professionals by:

• Planning treatments clearly and concisely

• Reducing client complaints and queries

• Approaching cross selling consistently

iConsult will help your clients:

• Enjoy an improved customer experience

• Appreciate additional value for money

• Better understand their procedure

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